Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: TCGs! (on hold x.x; )

EDIT: thank you everyone for pointing me to the right direction for my needs. I seem to have 6$ left in my account now c.c; ahah. oopsie. Time to stop spending until payday :D

--original post --
I visited the card game shop today, and my city is awesomely bad for pokemon TCG. Their binder of singles card was very much devoid of anything.
I can't say i'll buy everything you guys all have from this list, but Id like to say I'll buy what I can. I know I can't afford all those very rare lvl X and whatnot, though I can dream. They have pretty pretty art! 

 Why do I not use ebay, you ask? Well, I would rather give my money to you people from this wonderful community :)
I'll try and keep this list updated x.x; Those with (found?) are still in-waiting to be bought from people.

Edit: I'll take non-holos/same artwork as these level Xs if it exists and you wish to sell for some reason, thankyou :D Ebay will be my -last- desperate resort c.c; and before even doing that I<ll use my meager skills to try and draw them.

EX Team Rocket returns  Dark Golbat  Rocket's Suicune ex Here Comes Team Rocket
EX Ruby and Sapphire Scyther EX 
EX dragon Latias EX Salamence Bagon Grovyle Rayquaza EX
EX Deoxys Mightyena Swellow 
EX Unseen Forces Totodile
EX Holon Phantoms Manectric  Poochyena 
EX Emerald Milotic ex  Manectric Zangoose Grovyle Swellow
EX crystal Guardians  Grovyle Charmeleon Charmander Mawile
EX Dragon Frontiers Latias ex   Feraligatr Ledian Nidorino Bagon 
Rising Rivals Infernape lv.x (no image, card number 108/111) Blaziken FB lv.X

HS Undaunted Deoxys (bottom needed) Kyogre/Groudon 
HS Triumphant  Palkia/Dialga
EX Team Magma VS Team Aqua Aqua's Mightyhena Poochyena(1) (2) Team Magma's Mightyena  Poochyena Houndoom (1) (2

Diamond and Pearl Staraptor Drifloon Glameow
DP Mysterious Treasures  Gible
DP Secret Wonders Weavile Breloom Kirilia Bulbasaur Growlithe
Skyridge Fisherman
8th Movie halfdeck Ash's Grovyle

Thank you for looking, sorry for the spam c.c;
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