Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

cheap quickie sales!

I've had these sitting around for a while, it's finally time to offer them up!

Hoenn ABC Puzzle
$1 for 1 piece
$5 for 6 pieces
(the piece missing is Surskit)
SOLD Wobbuffet, Torchic, Delcatty, Unown, Aipom, Zangoose, Mudkip, Meowth

Kanto Action Flipz
$0.50 each or $3 for all

Shipping is $1 to anywhere in the US/CAN, and $1.50 international!

Also, I got so fed up with my Sears sewing machine and its inability to do anything, so I bought a BROTHER brand sewing and embroidery machine from eBay for $300, which is a steal in my book! I'm so excited to use it, the embroidery quality looked top notch! It should be arriving this week, so you can bet I'll be exploring every plush-making possibility this holiday season!
My list includes swtlilangel666's Growlithe nap pillow and Pokedoll renditions of these guys~

Chat ya soon!
Tags: sales
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