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Oh boy!

So I'm now deciding it's a perfect time to empty my wallet more by starting a new collection. Of Cherubi and Cherrim. Is there anyone out there who knows a little about collecting these guys? Do they have a lot of merch already?

Oh and I was at the store tonight. I saw they had started selling Great Encounters Boosters!
Annnddd guess what I got in my Secret Wonders Packs...


And yeah my Mew cup is peeking out in this picture :3

Sooo I offer it up to be sold (the card, not the cup, the cup is precious to me, plus I also doubt it's worth selling XD) to feed my Pokemon card addiction. I'm going to have bids on it, starting at 17 dollars.

I'm going to charge 1.50 for shipping in the US (since I want to pack it nice) and 2.50 for most out of the country shipping.

But you get a bonus freebie sticker or two from my DK Pokemon sticker book oooh~!
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