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GIGANTIC box o stuff.

i have here for you today, my semi-yearly gigantic box of cool japanese pokemon toys up for grabs. they are mostly things i've amassed over the past year but have not had a chance to put in sunyshore or up for sale for one reason or another. they are worth, sold individually, many many times what i am asking for the lot of them!

this is a random box! i can't tell you specifically what's in it since i am not even sure myself. it's already packed up and ready to go to a buyer.

if you are in the USA, this box currently cannot be sent to you by any means beyond seamail, which could take over a month to arrive. it would, however, lower the shipping cost by half.

i could also recommend splitting the box up with a friend in another country and have it sent to them instead! there is plenty of stuff here. share it with friends, start your own shop! almost none of this is "junky" stuff. it's all clean and good condition, tons of it mint in its packages! this is not leftover junk from Y!J lots - this almost all new stuff from the shelves here in japan that i just had no extra time to list for sale! there are tons of stickers, keshipoke, stationary sheets, clearfiles, chougetto, pokemon center goods, tomy goods, bandai goods, kids, chess figures, johto dice, stamps, pouches, and tons tons more!

i am asking 275$ shipped. HAGGLE AWAY. About 80-100$ of that is the estimated shipping cost. If you are in the USA and want it sent seamail (at your own risk) the price will be 225$ shipped.

Take a look at the stuff and comment if interested!

they want a good home!!! that isn't my closet being ignored ;_;

ready to go!

I am looking for this card, RaichuGL/Volkner's Raichu from "Rising Rivals", in other languages, as a little project. I've got English, Japanese, German, and French. I need any languages NOT those! Ebay is useless and it seems even non-English speaking countries have an easier time getting English cards. If you can help at all I would be most grateful!
Tags: raichu, sales, wanted
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