greytotoro (greytotoro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan Sale update

A quick reminder about several zukans up for offers/sale this week, including the extremely rare swimming milotic line. Other very hard to find zukans up include:

- The Lottery Legendary Bird (Lugia and Ho-oh) Zukans - limited edition of only 1000 in the known universe
- The other Milotic Line Zukan with Milotic in the rearing pose
- Crobat Line
- Raichu Line

All are in mint condition in original packaging!

Also, I have added the following rare zukans:

- The Salamence Line
- The Swampert Line
- The Fossils Zukan (MIB)

The original zukan sale thread can be found here:
Tags: aerodactyl, crobat, ho-oh, kabutops, lugia, milotic, omastar, raichu, swampert, zukan
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