shindkrow (shindkrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for other Mew collectors... and info

Hi all,
I finally did it. I sat down and started my own collection website for Mew!

What I need is help from all of you. ^_^ I need links to your collections to put in my link section so we can all be connected since there's so much merch out there it's difficult if not impossible for one person to list it all! :D

I'm also pretty confused by said variety of merch... I've uploaded pics of my entire collection as of today and I know some are listed under the wrong section or title, and I was hoping some of you may know not only the title of an item but the year made and who produced it. ^_^ I'm hoping to be able to work in a hover text function, but this site's builder makes that next to impossible, so any alternative to present the information with my set up clear and efficiently would be awesome!

Thanks all
Keep collecting ~

Edit: I'm also looking or the website "To Catch A Mew". I couldn't find it with Google search or here so I hope someone has a link to it. ^^;
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