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Cherrygrove City November Sales

Long story short, my roommates have caused some damage to the kitchen (that I never go in) and because no one has stepped forward, everyone in my corridor has to pay towards the cost of repairing including me.
Unforunately, that as well as buying new books for American Lit ate into what I had saved for a Pokabu Talkie and the Dec release so I'm doing a quick sales post.
I am going to the on-campus post office tomorrow so buy now and it'll be shipped out very soon!

Click on the banner or this link to be transported to Cherrygrove City

Sales include pokedolls and the large Walky Eevee

Also a quick question:
To those who have very limited space, how do you store your collection?
I have a corner shelf usually used for TVs in my dorm room and that's it so my pokedolls are sort of scattered all over my room and I'm trying to figure out a nice way to put them all in one place without breaking any stupid rules (like we're not allowed to put ANYTHING up on the walls)
Any suggestions?
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