omgitslph (omgitslph) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payments Needed!

ATTN: jesslyra, pheonixfoxx, 99reddriftloons, chronidu, rachelled, peeche00, kurai_tsuki7, feraligroggles, kamacazizero, kylie_fanatic, leeleemoreau, orangegarchomp, rentorar, souldew, toda

You all still owe me money for one of these GAs below.  Please go to this post from a few weeks ago and pay me please so I can ship out everything.

To everyone that paid: Your items will be shipped next weekend. I really would like to ship everything at once due to my limited amount of time with school and 3 jobs. But don't worry everything is safe and packed up just waiting to go. :)

as for kokicola, hieke_chan, and celebiii I'll be getting you shipping totals hopefully today.

Tags: auction
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