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Flat sales, card sales (also shipping update)

I always pick a day when there are lots of sales posts OTL
I've been meaning to update my sales for a while now, and the holidays & a grail appearing has given me to kick to do just that.
Today, though, I have almost 20 different lots of flats, mainly from the first gen but some other Pokemon snuck in there, too
As well as some miscellaneous figures and such I still have, that I kinda want out of here ^^; I'm definitely open to haggling, and trades <3


  • I'm shipping from Michigan (United States).
  • Shipping is not included in prices unless noted.
  • Shipping starts at $2 for a bubble mailer (less if its something super tiny, of course) and $.50 for flats (plain envelopes). Boxes are available, though I'd have to get a quote on those
  • I am open to haggling and trades
  • Items come from a smoke-free house. I do have a cat.
  • Items are sold by whoever can pay first. I MAY hold an item, but for a limited time.
  • I accept concealed cash (at your own risk) and Paypal.
  • I am NOT responsible for anything damaged/lost.
  • It should be said that I am a rather slow shipper. I don't have my own car so I have to rely on others for transportation atm, but I do try my best to keep you updated
  • Any questions, please comment or PM
I am not separating the flat lots, sorry!
Flats Lots:

Ash lot $2

Rocket lot $1

Random character lot $2

Pikachu's Vacation lot $2

Random movie scene lot $2

Pikachu lot $2
Jynx/Mr. Mime lot $1

Mewtwo lot $.50 cents

Bulbasaur line lot $2.50
Charmander line lot $1
Squirtle line lot $1

Growlithe lot $1
Slowpoke/Lickitung lot $1

Nido lot $2
Staryu line lot $1

Bird lot $2
Legendary bird lot $2

Bat lot $.50 (includes random old drawing by me lol)
Dratini line lot $1

Clefairy line/Chansey lot $1
Random water lot $2

Fighting monkeys lot $1
Voltorb/Magnemite lot $1

Random bugs lot $2.50

Hypno/Abra line lot $1.50
Electabuzz lot $.50 cents
Egg lot $.50 cents

Geodude line/Onyx/Rhydon line lot  $1
Cloyster/Omastar/Kabutops lot $1

Leftovers sticker/tattoo lot $1
Leftovers card lot $2

Piplup/Prinpup sticker lot $.50
Other sales:

Lonely Meowth =c Please give him a home! $.50 cents

Tops $.25 cents each (paint rubs and marks; Voltorb has initials on the back)

Beaded Scyther, I've been meaning to draw in pupils lol

Please give Licky a home! $.50 cents
Lugia coin $.25 cents; random clear capsule things that I used to display figures and such $.50 cents each


Thank-you for looking and have an amazing day/night n_n

While you're at it, why not take a look at my card sales? I still have tons of TCG aand I'm re-instating the buy-one-get-one in honor of Black Friday/Cyber Monday C=

Oh, and before I forget, all the custom charms have been completed and shipped out yesterday! So you should be getting them soon~
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