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Let me give you my money please?

Thanks to everyone for the comments! If I don't get back to you immediately, I was probably dragged off to watch a movie or eat dinner or something. xDDD You are not being ignored. =x

As some may know, and many probably don't, my birthday is next month, close to Christmas. As it happens every year, every single person I've ever met comes to pester me for a suggestion of a present, and I never know what to tell them. I usually do know what to tell my parents, though (usually something expensive I can't get myself, haha). This year, however, I don't. *dramatic music*

After many frustrated attempts at having my own ideas, I decided to come ask you for help! Show me what you've got for sale, related to the pokemon I'll list, and I'll see if anything catches my eye, mmkay? ;)

It will be very unlikely for me to pick flats for my presents, but if you wanna show me those too, I might buy them myself if they catch my eye. xD I'm more interested in Amada Stickers and Pan Stickers when it comes to flats. Other than that, I'm looking mainly for plushies, and perhaps figures too (again, I might buy them myself if I've been after them but they're not birthday-present-worthy xD). Just show me what you've got!

Because I have OCD, I'll be listing these in alphabetic order by generation. Shut up.

Caterpie! It will be very unlikely that you have something of this little guy that I don't. xDDD However, if you do, I most likely want it! So try me.

Doduo only, I'm not a Dodrio fan. It's a main collection of mine, though I don't have a lot of stuff. I don't know if it lacks merch or I'm just a bad collector. xDDD Chances of me having what you have are 50%, I'd say.

Dragonair is one of my top two favorite pokemon. I am probably very interested in what you have. xDDD My collection of this girl is weird, I have the Tomy and the kids figure, which are quite basic stuff, but I also have the zukan. xDDD I'm missing the Battle Museum figure, and if you have one with a base, I want it, even if it's not for my birthday present. xDDD Bellplush is an epic want of mine, but I doubt anyone is selling theirs. =p

Dratini. *-* I was a Dragonair-only collector until I got a Dratini in HeartGold and fell in love. I have few things of her, such as the Tomy, the zukan and the bellplush. I lack some obvious stuff like the kids, though! So just show me what you have. =)

Eevee! We all love this little thing. I'm not a hardcore eeveelution collector, but I like it. I have very few Eevee related items, you can most likely sell me anything of this little guy.

Lapras is another main collection of mine, though I don't have a lot of stuff. I have some basic items like the Tomy and one of the older Kids figures, and some cool stuff like the minicot and the zukan. But other than that, I'd say it's a 50% chance of me not having your stuff.

Omanyte. I love this little guy so much. I have a somewhat decent collection of him, but I lack some obvious items such as the Tomy and the zukan. Just show me what you've got. ;)

Vaporeon is my favorite eeveelution and one of the only two ones I collect. My collection of this poor thing is mediocre, though, so you can probably sell me anything. xDDD

I'm not an active Vulpix collector, but it's a side collection of mine, sort of, and I'd like to have some more cute Vulpix stuff. x3 I'll be looking for cute items mainly, so no weird old figures please. xDDD Whatever is it you have, I probably don't have it yet. Ninetales is good too but does not interest me as much.


This girl and her evos are a side collection of mine. I have mostly Chikoritas in my collection and nearly no Bayleef and Meganium *hint*. I might not be as interested in her merch though because she's a side collection. ^^;

Ah, Espeon. The other eeveelution I collect. I have very few things of this girls, such as the Tomy and two of the kids figures (missing the one she's looking up, I think it's an attack one?), as well as the keshipoke. I've been wanting the pokedoll for ages, so that's a nice option~ xDDD

The only reasons why I don't collect this cutie is lack of room, and I'm never fast enough to beat the other collectors. xDDD I have the Tomy, a stamper figure, and the brazilian figure, that's it. So kids figures and other stuff like that are loved.

I bet you didn't even know I collect Misdreavus. She was meant to be a main collection, but ended up neglected. xDDD Poor thing. I only have the jakks, battle museum figure and the zukan! So anything else is loved.

This started as a plush-only collection, but I got some figures too and ended up having a regular collection. xDDD I lack some really obvious stuff, so surprise me!

Suicune is a side collection (can't afford to make it a main one!). I have some figures, and the pokedoll and ufo plush (I think that's what it's called? xD). Everything else is ok, but since it's a side collection, I might not be as interested.

I don't officially collect Togepi, but I'm after a plush of it. So yeah.


Ralts and all evos. I love this evolution line, but I'm not looking for a lot of stuff of them. I have the zukan and the kids (except Gallade, but I don't like its kids figure much xD), as well as the Jakks figures (and the Ralts plush Jakks made). I'd like some Tomys but I don't see that happening anytime soon. xDDD

I don't even know when it started, but Torchic has grown on me, and now I adore this little bird. I only have figures of it, though! Almost anything interests me, but please show me photos because I have literally no notion of what kind of item is what when it comes to this pokemon!

Quickest gen list ever. Done. xDDD

Chatot! I have the Tomy, Jakks, zukan, and pokedoll. That's it. Nearly anything else would be loved.

I don't collect Giratina. I've been considering getting one plush though. Nothing too big, either forme is fine because I like both. I don't have a lot of room so I won't get it unless I really like how it looks, though. xDDD

AND DONE FOR GOOD. See, that was... long.

So please show me what you have of these cuties! You must be able to ship to Brazil, since that's where I live. xDDD Please when posting include an estimate of how much it'll cost for shipping too, I need to have a total to give to my parents when I decide.

Obviously if I find nothing in this post that catches my eye, I'll end up not getting anything. I don't have a whole lot of room so I can't buy whatever comes my way, unfortunately. ^^; Please don't be offended if I turn you down!

Because I'm dumb and didn't realize there are also Tomy plushies. xDDDD When I say I have the Tomy of something, I always mean the Tomy monster collection figure (or whatever the full name is), haha. Sorry about any confusion it might have caused.

And also. There's this.

This is my most wanted item ever. xDDD Even if you don't have it to sell, any information you might have on it (other than it's a music box made by Tomy, I know that already) will make my day. Edit: Thanks to an interesting example of one of those that kyoakira found, I'm guessing these are from 98 or so. So info other than all that is loved. xDDD Most loved info would be where to get me one, haha.

That was it. =) Thanks for the attention~
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