Ari (noxxbunny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tiny Update~

I've been so bored today, so I decided to do a small update! I won't be doing another update until After Christmas, when I'll hopefully get some new stuff. ; A; I'm currently waiting for the new Osaka Promo tin from Gin, A Talking Tsutarja from Nanoplasm(hopefully soon), A Halloween Shinx sculpture xD and a Luxio Restuden stamp (@_@ I think it actually might be lost though...)
Anyway, some new stuff~

I managed to get some more of the new Jakks plush~ I really wish I could share them with the community. ; A; My local target had four boxes of them! I feel kinda guilty about it for some reason! Though, they were probably stocking up for Black Friday...

I love how soft they are. :D They also had a Togepi for some reason.

New Pop N Battle Teddiursa! If I remember correctly, the other ones in this set were Wobbuffet, Phanpy, and Porygon2.

My new Talking starter plushies from Nanoplasm! I will also be getting Tsutarja eventually too!

Pignition is living fancy now with his Fendi scarf. xD (Fendi is also his name. :3)
Sadly, I didn't have a fancy scarf to put on my Wotter, but I think the black and white checker ribbon works well for him. ;3 His name is Cheren~

I also reorganized my collection (Yes. AGAIN.) My Shinx collection needed more room.

My Wotters got downsized for now. >_>;

I finally hung up my Team Rocket poster too~

Lastly, I thought I'd take a picture of my current collection of Takara Tomy Talking plushies~

My three "Youngest" at the top. (Youngest is by how long I've had them. xD)
And my "Oldests" at the bottom. My Skymin was my first Talkie and I've been hooked ever since. :D Sadly, Fendi and Cheren don't get along with them well. I've had them "talk" to my other ones and they do nothing but make angry noises at them. xD I would take a video, but I don't have a camera. D:

And as usual, I am still looking for a Shinx Bobblehead! Any info would be supertastically awesome!

That's all for this update~ See you all in another update after the holidays. :3
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