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Sales Reminder and Shipping Update

Hey guys! So I just wanted to let you all know that anyone who has bought from my sales post before last Wednesday.. your items were shipped out on Wednesday! Everyone who participated in the large plush GA... your items were shipped out on Wednesday also. C:

Anyone who paid for anything on Wednesday or later... your items will definitely be shipped out some time this week.

So if you bought from me and received your items, if you have time, please leave feedback for me here!  I'll be happy to return feedback if you provide me a link :D

Which reminds me...

Here is a sales reminder!

Click the image above to be transported or click here!

I recently bought a couple of grails of mine, so my credit cards are hurting pretty badly, which means I really need funds! So I'm offering a deal on all my items! Buy one, get a second item for 25% off (equal or lower value)!

Tons of plushes, megabloks and kids still left! All lots' single items are available as well! Some of the offers are still bidless. I'm going to end offers in a couple of days or so, so if any of the plushes that are up for offers catch your eye, then make sure you get your offers in! :D

*Quick little edit: You can see my wants list here: HERE
I have acquired some of the things on my wants list, but let me know if you have any of the items on my wants list or any links that would lead me to any of them for a decent price ;o;
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