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Collection Update, Repaint, and Question!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since my last post. I've been waiting till I had a decent amount of stuff to make an interesting post, and well..whether this is interesting or not is up to you. :)

The question:

I got the 3 Buizel kids on the right from peeche00 a long time ago, and I was curious if I've gotten all variations of Buizel Kids (Minus the Shining and Clear versions!) If there's more out there, what do they look like?

The Collection Update and Repaint:

Collection update! You've already seen the Buizel kids, so check out this guy.

He's gorgeous! I've had my eye on this back when they were first released, but never wanted to pay $15 and up for one. I am not made of money, haha. About a month ago, my boyfriend and I went to our local flea market and checked out every table that looked like it was full of toys. :) I dug in a box...and inside, I saw a detached Buizel Tail. I was excited, yet worried. Just because there was a tail, didn't mean the rest of him was there. Also, I had no idea what the Buizel would turn out to be. That didn't matter though, cuz I would have bought it anyway. :) After some digging and the anticipation from the mystery, I was so excited to pull out this remote controlled Buizel! He's in perfect condition! He even had his remote, but I didn't want it.

I paid 50 cents for that boy. <3


Inside the flea market, there's a second hand toy shop which always has Pokemon goods. You guys would go nuts.

I found this little guy, and my heart broke for him.

(Click for zoom. See the shittyness)

He was so beat up and in horrible condition. I bought him anyway.

He's a Buizel afterall, and they deserve good homes. :)

Homes that paint them white...!

(Click for zoom.)

I decided to repaint him and give him new life. Originally, I wanted to paint him pink, but he would have looked naked. So, I went for Shining.

The results:

The limbs still move!

I tried to make his eyes less derptastic.

Nose beep!

I've yet to spray a clear finish to him, since I've been lacking daylight due to classes. (Can't do it in the house! I have birds) So, Once I add the finish, some lumpiness will go away and he'll have that "I'm a toy!" look and durability. :D

One last thing:

I got these stickers from that second hand toy shop yesterday. They will be for sale once I am able to set up my own paypal, so I can finally open shop...(I do have permission) Ah, life.

Thanks for looking, folks!
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