eevee_evs_lover (eevee_evs_lover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yay! First Sales Post! Also, small wants for the holidays!

Hey Pkmncollector's! I finally was granted sales post permission today, so I am posting my first ever, really crappy pics, and kinda small sales post! lol I will be updating it as soon as I get some stuff from Yahoo! Japan. The link to my sales in my journal is here:

Now, onto a small wants list for christmas! lol

-newest 2009 Jolteon Kid
-newest 2009 Umbreon Kid
-espeon and umbreon time straps
-jolteon, glaceon, and flareon Jakks figures
-leafeon and glaceon chupa chups AND keshipoke (just throwing it out there lol)
-espeon and umbreon zukan, along with jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon zukan (again, just throwing it out there)
-any clear eeveelutions kids besides eevee and old jolteon
-possibly others, but I am too tired to think lol

Thanks alot!
Tags: sales
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