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Auction reminder!

Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up that my Zukan Auction still has a few days left on it!!~

Wobbuffett Family, Swellow Family, Ludicolo Family, Medicham Family, Dodrio Family, and a few others are still without a single bid! Other are still just barely past their opening bid, so come on and check 'em out :3

Also, I haven't done a 'collection update' in a while, so I decided to take some quick pics of some of my newer/older items that I don't think I have shown off here yet~

OH GOSH YES~ mariahpixie is simply the best. She sought me out and new my want for the bells, and here they are. Glorious T_T

More ghosties for me~

Oh god the beagle~ Thank you astron! 

The littlest Plume~


Oh gosh the Derpasaurus Rex. Thank you katcheekricket!~


Thank you 0mastar I neither collect nor particularly love Deoxys...but this plush....THIS PLUSH. He gets all of the cuddles. All of them.

Jaaaaakks Torterra!

Teeny Tiny Baseterra

u so mad

......aaand that's it for now! I am expecting a few more packages in the mail, and can hopefully have a very Kanto Grass Day soon~

Thank you for looking at my obnoxiously long update haha


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