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Collection update! Yay!

Hey guys! I got a few new things in the mail recently that I'm dying to show you!!

Want to see?

Well, first we'll start off with my spiffy new shelf at home. It's mostly empty because I have most of my collection here at school.  :3 But I'm glad I finally cleared some space.

 After school's over, that shelf won't be enough. <.<;

But on to other things! 

A few weeks ago was Anime USA in Arlington, Virginia. I was working in the Dealer's Room next to the most amazing guy and his daughter who sold a TON of Pokémon things. Upon our arrival, my boyfriend and I scooted over to his table and each bought something.  :D

He bought the Jirachi and I bought the Christmas Mew~  Mew was MWT and Jirachi has his tush tag.  :B  They're so adorable in our little cubby on the booth.

Our friend also got himself a bunch of Kids figures and I played with them.  ^^;

Caterpieeee! He needs to learn how to play nice!  [I have no idea where that ball of string came from. It was just there on the table all of a sudden...]

At home, I got a new friend in the mail from shesatiger.
Say hello to Jolteon!

:D I was so excited to come home to find the package in my room.  We snuggled all weekend.

Back here at school, I have some new things as well~

First is the Play-By-Play Mew that I got from swtlilangel666 ~ :D
So much love for this. So very much. X3 <3

Next in line~

The Vulpix canvas is from peach_tea~  :D  She arrived today in the mail, and she's soooo cuuuute~!!
The Jirachi figure in front of the scale models was from a GB hosted by dezchu.  :D
There's a better view of the Christmas Mew~
And the Disco Clefairy in front was also from the Pokémon man at AUSA. :D

The first thing that you may notice is the Leafeon canvas. Another amazing buy from the Pokémon man. :B  I cuddled her all weekend of the convention. She came MWT and in a plastic bag to keep her safe. :D
The Friends Clefairy was a gift from my boyfriend. I wanted it at the convention but spent all of my money on Leafeon, so he got it for me and gave it to me after the convention was over.  :3
And my Jirachi Kids collection is growing! I need more!! [If anyone knows where to get or is selling a sleeping Jirachi or two, I want one and so does my boyfriend. <.<  We both collect.]

Not pictured!

I also got a Jirachi canvas from an amazing woman at AUSA named Laura. She works for Happy Japan, if any of you have heard of it.  :D

And now I leave you with a fun little thing I did out of boredom.

It's Jirachi-Naialana with her Jirachi plush! 
For those of you who know me, I go nowhere overnight without my Jirachi. I love him to bits. :B

I hope you enjoyed looking!

Now I'm off to work because my break is over.  :B
Toodles, my lovelies~ 

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