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First Sales Post!!! BEAD SPRITES -prices lowered-

I finally got sales permission on November 22 by denkimouse!!! So, I'm not going to start selling my official merchandise yet (since it's all at home..that'll happen in a few weeks) but I will be taking slots for making bead sprites when I go home for winter break. I just need to figure out the colors I need and such...

I will be happy to do ANY kind of bead sprite for you guys; trainers, walking Pokemon, other random game sprites... just ask!

Here's how the pricing will go:

Large Sprite = $15

Medium Sprite = $10

Small Sprite = $5

(Please note that I make sure the colors are as exact as they can be, which could also include me paying and buying more colors for you guys, which is why it may seem pricey, but at least you do not have to worry about colors being off!) are some examples!

Large sprite example is Arcanine and medium sprite example is Cubone (btw, these are correct size references). Mini sprite prices will be for the menu sprites or the little walky Pokemon sprites.

At the moment, I'm in college, so I don't have access to any other sprite pictures for what I have made but I have also made large sprites of Vaporeon, Pikachu, Charizard, and many others, including Lloyd from Fire Emblem!!!

I'll be putting up five slots to start it off!

1) zenity

2) hizumis_crotch

3) astromanticist

4) lumpyspaceking

5) lickskillet

Let me know if you're interested! I hope everyone is having a great day! :)


SIZE OF LARGE BEAD SPRITE (compared to a pokedoll)

Unfortunately, I don't have the Medium example (Cubone) in my possession. I gave it as a gift to my friend... but the size comparison is correct compared to the picture up above with Arcanine and Cubone together. And the small one...well, it's small, like coaster size.


Need to clarify a bit more!!!

Large Bead Sprite = what the Pokemon looks like while in a battle (the larger pokemon like Lugia)

Medium Bead Sprite = what the Pokemon looks like while in a battle (the smaller pokemon like Natu)

Small Bead Sprite = menu Pokemon and the walking sprites in HS/SS
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