jessie_grace_89 (jessie_grace_89) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Arrival of The Venu DX :) Wanted Togepi!

Wooooowhooo! took a little walk down to the post office this morning to collect this guy!
Im so pleased with him xD
Also i think its going to take a while for me to find a name suitable for him.... Hrmmmm :)

EDIT: Im still waiting on my Talking Psyduck to arrive from the UK im pretty sure he should have arrived by now :s its been at least 12 days.... and the person relisted the exact same plush and i asked them if they had resold mine and they said they had 2 to sell and mine had been posted on Saturday the 13th :( i really hope he turns up soon!  
HE JUST ARRIVED!!!! and is lovely! see =

and video! sorry the video isnt too loud :(

also waiting on my "Evolve from the dead" TEE FURY was posted last week i think so i should see that soon xD
No-Pokemon Related im waiting on my queen bed Totoro set from  Malaysia and am very looking forward to seeing that one!

Also pokemon plushes count is about 100 now im pretty sure! im after a Talking Togepi also for $20 posted to Australia if anyone can do that! id be stoked! :) 

Well thats all i have to update right now!
Talk to yall soon!
Ciao! x
Tags: psyduck, togepi, venusaur
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