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It is time.


It's actually 76, but that sounds lame :D
FULL Group shots, close ups,  other gets, and Canvas Group shot just because I've never put them together for a pic before Under the cut! 

Lets start with Pokedolls!
I got these beauties today

based on who came out of the package in order Mijumaru is my 74th, Pokabu is my 75th (YAY), and Snivy is my 76th

Onto the group shots

Here is my whole main collection! :D

smaller cluster shots~

Darkrai, Metagross, Latias, latios, and Cut rotom

beasts in the house! Shiny Entei and Suicune are my all time favs :3

Zoroa, Ambipom, Arceus, and Togekiss!

Charizard, Pikachu, Mismagius, and Wobbuffet.

Dragonite, Snivy, Pokabu, Mijumaru, and Munchlax :D

Delibird, Croagunk, and Vaporeon

Eevee, Deoxys, Zoroark, and Glaceon

Duskull, Mime Jr., Ho-oh, Umbreon, and Lapras~

Jolteon (<3), and Sinnoh Starters!

Glameow, Leafeon, Skymin, and Bidoof

Sinnoh dragons :D Arceus didnt fit :(

Groudon, Pachirisu, Blaziken, Kyogre, and landmin :)

Flareon, Jirachi, Cyndaquil, Rotom, and Lucario! 

Phanpy, Lickilicky, Plusle (needs a minun friend) and Rayquaza

Spiritomb, Celebi, Heatran, and Togepi

Bonsly, Lugia, and Weavile

Snorlax, Snover, Regigigas (WHY WONT THEY GIVE US ALL THE GOLEMS ;o;), and Marill

and Lastly: Cherrim, Skitty, Espeon, and Teddiursa!

Next group shot like this will be when i hit 100 :D

Moving along~

This is my canvas side collection... I like to pretend I dont like canvas, because they compete with pokedolls for releases, but deep down i like them XD
EDIT: Just realized I forgot Riolu in this pic :(

My BW Gets! 

Oh how i love the new monkeys! I'm ordering yanappu along with Jaroda, Darumakka, and Choroneko soon DX

Meguroko and Emonga, love both of these dudes, but they were kind of impulse buys

Last but not least my favorite pokemon of the gen Kibago! this plush was a gift from the amazing [info]okapifeathers :D I love it so much

and finally I cannot even explain in words how excited i am to get these next month ;o;

Kibago pokedoll was the one thing i COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT this gen XD

You can see all of my collections, in individual shots at my collection website http://blackthorncity.webs.com/ Starters will be added soon :) 
Thanks for looking!
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