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Collection Update!

Hai there. It's been about a month since I joined the community and I've gotten so much pokemon stuff since then!

Before I had a lot of Dragonite cards and that was it. Now I have all of this:

Most images can be clicked for a much bigger view.

My first pkmncollectors packages!

The first package was some cards from eBay.

A gorgeous Lapras pokedoll from usakochan.

Dragonite book, also from usakochan.

On to the second package! First up we have Pichu! He's so freakin cute. Also my kitten felt the need to come investigate XD

And rounding off the package was Turtwig and Togekiss. And my other cat lulz. All three of these awesome dudes are from entirelycliched.

Everything so far with Batman! Because why not?

My plush collection so far.

Another package?? Lapras must investigate!

Pikachu phone straps from the awesome larvitarscar!

Just because.

The chus new home. +10 points if you can guess what game's collector's edition they're in front of.

My Dragonite card collection. Blurry picture is blurry.

Pokemon card tin!

The cards that came in it.

Umbreon pack and its contents.

And I had to get the Espeon pack as well.

Random coins. These are so frakkin hard to photograph!

Raichu and Gyarados double pack with my two favorite types: water and electric.

Bootie Dragonite says HAI THERE.

Dratini and Dragonair stamps as well as a Dragonite sticker from the lovely puyro. I accidentally cut the Dratini card when opening the package D:

A crapload of cards:

Lapras battrio coin with some free cards thrown in from dionashi. Thank you ^^

Dragonite kids! I love these thank you so much artikgato!!

Spheal megablok. This thing is so TINY! From the lovely swtlilangel666.

Pokemon card tin #2.

Its contents:

Dragonite Banpresto plush from entirelycliched!! I love this dude.

Some comparision shots with the bootie (or is it a reject? I don't know -__-) It's hard to tell them apart in the pictures but in real life the fabric of the real plush is much smoother.

Custom Spheal plush from the extremely talented artikgato. THIS GUY IS SO FREAKIN ADORABLE. I can't stop looking into those eyes XD

Dragonite and Pikachu GBA keychain and Dragonair/Dratini pencil from dewott :D

My first GA item run by shiny_vulpix and katcheecricket: Elekid! I love his little smirk XDD

Cyndaquil, Entei and Raikou from a GA run by sorcererhuntres and entirelycliched.

Cyndaquil Takara TOMY plush. Look at the fuzzy flames! O_O

Entei Japanese Pokedoll. My new favorite legendary srsly look at his little face with the little crown thingie and his little beard :D

Raikou Japanese Pokedoll. Eeeee those tiny fangs! And his lightning tail!

Banpresto Pichu and Pikachu from a GA run by peeche00 and roxyryoko. Pikachu is so smooshable and has awesome floppy ears!

Dratini and Lapras kids from meuniere. I really need more stuff of these two XD

Closeup of my collection. It includes things I forgot to take pictures of including Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini/Lapras playing cards from I can't remember and s Spheal Pokedex figure from zenity.

The whole thing ^_^

I hope you enjoyed it ^^ I can't wait to add more stuff! Thank you to everyone who has sold me items so far :)

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