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--edit at bottom, original post cut for lenght--

I am sorry, I looked at my bank account and SOMEHOW -YESTERDAY- I had 42.50 FOUR TIMES (that is.. 167$ of er, no money in account reported fees. I have no idea what the HECK that iis because I haven<t TOUCHED paypal or anything since I had only 6$ left in it. I might have some keylogger or crap in my computer.

I am sorry to anyone I owe money to, but it may take longer if I had to pay for a few things. I will try to solve this, but it is hard to since I work when banks are opened. Rest assured though that you WILL get paid eventually.

I apologize profusedly for this, as I have no idea WHERE the money went since I DID NOT touch paypal -at all- yesterday and today is Nov 30th, NOT dec 1st so monthly payments cannot be linked to this at all. I will do my best to try and solve this promptly.. I apologize again ;_; I hope I do not lose any more money today. Only ONE 42$ would have been okay but -167$ in my account!? augh!

--cross-posted to poke-arts and collectors since I owe money in both places--

SO! I found out this was all actually paypal taking my money THREE DAYS after I did the transaction. Awesome. So for a total of say, maybe 100$ transactions, I was charged one 42$ fee for -every- paypal transaction that needed to get to my credit card cause I had no funds.
I guess I have had my lesson now, and will slack some off paypal when I get money back.

I will pay all those whom I can when I look at what I have as my paycheck gets in. Currently, my account is 167$ in the red. I promise those I do owe money to -will- get it no later than next thursday should my current funds not be enough. 

Sorry again to everyone, and thank you for your understanding.
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