kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Huge Collection Post!~

We seem to have got so much cool stuff in the last week! I thought I'd share some of our new babies wit everyone here ^-^

Many thanks go to regenaftertheheaven, warandromance,and
scarsofsunlight for the lovely things they sent us this week! I've never seen so many lovely things turn up in the space of a few days! :)

The first two piccies are of our new zukan - the Dialgia are huge! My personal favourite new ones are the Sunkern (so tiny) and pretty Cresselia ^-^

We've finally completed the UK Diamond and Pearl zukan set - half of it went into this cute diorama (which took ages to set up!)

Cute new kids! The clear ones seem to be more common here in Europe ^^

We got our first Jakks figures when were down in London, and then Cherrim and Turtwig came in the post :) Poor Mantyke looks a bit left out in the photo ^^;

My favourites - new plush! All so cute too :) I especially love the Squirtle hand puppet - it's going to be really cute to carry with me when I cosplay as May in a couple of months ^-^

Other little things - I just had to put the Megablocks into a tower to make a Poke-totem! The Pokedex is also for my cosplay :)

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