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Beware! Cuteness overload!

Guess what! I received not one, but two packages today, and they're both filled with cuteness <3 Today's post will be a photo story.

Same warning as always, low quality images ahead and some blurriness blah blah blah...but I hope to change this soon!

Skymin: Look! A new package! Looks like it's from SunyShore...
Lucario: I wonder what new Pokemon will be joining us today...
Flareon: It looks like it's something that's about the same size as us :O
Suicune: I'll go get a pair of scissors~

Dialga: Roar of Time! I am the Time Lord and-- ...What's this?
Lucario: What does it look like to you? ¬_¬
Skymin: It's a package of course :/

Suicune: I'm back with the scissors~ ...Dialga, what are you doing? Get off the package >/
Dialga: Okay, okay... Jeez, you guys sure are grumpy today.

Suicune: Let's cut it open.
Skymin: I'll help you 8D
Suicune: *snip* *snip* *snip*

Flareon: Oh. It's wrapped up in a Pokemon Center bag.
Skymin: Oooooooo, it's from the Pokemon Center in Japan.
Dialga: I'll unwrap that.

Dialga: Guys, help me push the little guy out will ya?
Suicune: All right...
Flareon: Push!

Oshawott: Yay! I'm free! It was stuffy in there! Thanks so much <3
Dialga: *cough* You're welcome.

Oshawott: Hi, guys, I'm Oshawott, though I can't figure out what my US name means >.>
Skymin: It's okay, we have no idea what it means either when they were announced in the US :/ I'm Shaymin Sky Forme, though everyone just calls me Skymin.
Dialga: I'm Dialga, the God of Time, and I have the power to control time >D
Flareon: Flareon here~
Lucario: Lucario... I have the power of Aura...
Suicune: I'm Suicune, one of the three Legendary Beasts. Pleased to meet you.
Oshawott: Pleased to meet all of you o/

That's it for this photo story. This little guy is just too cute <3 When the picture first appeared announcing the release date for the starter Pokedolls, I literally went "SO CUTE!!!" to myself when I saw it. And now I finally have it, thanks to the Master of this community denkimouse! And yes, this little guy (and its evolutions) is my favourite starter for Gen 5, and yes, I have a favourite starter (and its evolutions) for every Gen.

I better stop rambling now. It's time for...the Oshawott Pokedoll photo shoot!

Front shot.

Side shot.

Back shot.

Bottom shot.

Cute tag art shot.

I had to do a photo of this just cause...ffffft. Fang smile PokeCen Oshawott and grumpy looking yet so cute Oshawott Pokedoll. They just look so cute together~~~

Skymin: And now, for the other package, which is more of a letter than anything else.
Dialga: Looks like it's something small and flat.
Oshawott: Oooooooo I'm so excited 8D

Suicune: Let's cut it open.
Flareon: I'll help you this time :D

Oshawott: What are these?
Dialga: They're charms of Reshiram and Dragonite.
Flareon: They're so cute~~~

These are actually custom charms made by hazuza. They're so adorably cute <3 Too bad my camera on my phone is unable to take proper photos of these and they'll just turn out really blur anyway, so that's all you're going to get >.> However, if you're interested in looking at the design, check out the image that hazuza uploaded here -

Also! This metal pencil case. I got this about a week or so ago from the local Kinokuniya here cause it has Reshiram on it (there is also one of Zekrom) and I immediately went "I MUST HAVE IT" so I bought it. The art is really pretty, but too bad the camera on my phone ruined it >/

The first photo is the top/cover of the case while the second one is the bottom of the case. The only reason I got this was because it had Reshiram <3 on it but in reality I don't really have much use for a pencil case since I already have one which I've been using for years, so...

It ended up being used for this :O I'll be using this to store any custom charms I've commissioned. There's only the two done by hazuza for now but it will definitely grow in the future :>

Hope you guys enjoyed this update~

Also, I'm looking for fan art of Reshiram, Dialga and Dragonite for a future collection website since I can't draw even if my life depended on it >.> So if you have any fan art of any of them that you've done, I'd like to see them, and if I like it, I would love it if you can give me the permission to use it for the site in the future :D

Click for previous collection posts

Next collection/update from me should be when Daikenki Pokemon Center plush is in, which should be around this Friday or next Monday. Till then, happy collecting people~
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