Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So I bought a lot on ebay for the pikas(course) and a charmander bank(who wasn't included >:C but I am contacting the seller)

and got other stuff I didn't want :3 so I get to sell it

Anything here can be combined with my sales in my journal

Burger King Tops 50 cents
Except Tangela who is 25 cents because he looks like something chewed on him :c

Misc Burger King Toys 50 cents each
Gone: Launcher,One Lapras,Gengar,and Arcanine

Just the Poseable Ash left 1.00

Tomys 50 cents
Except Mewtwo because someone glued his tail upside down xD 25 cents
Gone:Magikarp,Caterpie,Togepi,Marill,Dugtrio,Cubone,and Slowpoke

Candy Figures 50 cents each
You can get them off I had a mewtwo I took off and I took the pika and eevee off when you scroll down

Misc Figures 25 cents each
The Pikachu figure is heavy

In-case figures 50 cents
Squirtle Keychain plush 50 cents

Misc Items 25 cents each
The Charmeleon dogtag is just that no picture on the back or anything

Pokemon Card Game 3.00

Dragonball Z and Yellow Thing 25 cents each
Togepi Burger King Gold Trading Card 1.00

All bidding has ended

Pokemon Collector Marble Pouch Series Two Vileploom NIP
Thread Here:

Collectable Dogtag Ponyta NIP
Thread Here:

What I wanted :3 (minus charmander T.T)
Mew is from a power bouncer and I cut her out

the candy figures popped off its hard but you just have to wiggle them out till they pop out
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