kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan, Kids and Cards for sale!~

Gomen ne ^^; I'm sorry for posting so soon after our collection post - I dont want to clog up people's friends lists... I'd forgotten that we've also got some doubles of things to sell!

 We've got doubles of these water pokemon zukan, so we're selling them. The ones for sale are still all sealed in little bags - these our the identical ones form our collection. They are $5 each (or we're happy to trade, see below!) If the picture hasnt shown up well, they are Mantyne/Mantyke, Clamperl/Gorebyass/Huntail and Wiscash/Barboach.

The kids are $2 each apart from the clear kid, which is $3 - we can lower the prices if you buy more than one :)

Lastly, some cards which we've got doubles of (we've now got three Great Encounters Cresselia!). The Cresselia cards $5 each and the others are $3.

Shipping will be $2-3 in the UK - elsewhere please ask for a value, but we will ship worldwide ^_^

Payment's by paypal, but we are also open to trade for pokemon merchandise (preferably from the following:
Ditto, Driftloon, Hoppip, Cherrim, Piplup, Togepi)
but we are interested in most cute pokemon or ghost pokemon - so feel free to make an offer ^_^
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