mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking For Kids and Suicune Clipping!

Okie dokie

I have some money left over in my paypal and I am looking for a just a few more Kids and I think I'm done with kids for awhile. I think there's I few more, but there's no rush for them yet so I want to get these last few out of the way for now :3

I am looking for the Buizel Attack/Swimming Kid
This one::

And I am also looking for an::

Arbok Kid
Typlosion Kid (I'd prefer theone that stands)

And the Suicune Clipping Figure

And that's it.

Please, if you know where I can find these or if you are selling
I'd like a quote to 48133

I hope to make a big Collection Update soon too.
I have so so much more now thanks to the community.
Can't thank you all I've bought from enough <3

Thanks for looking!
Tags: arbok, buizel, kids, suicune
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