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Raine/Neidus Bluetip

Still Selling Stuffu + Dratini Sculpture!

Hai guys,

Doing a quick combined post of things i really need to get rid of and as well, the little Dratini sculpture that still needs a good home!

There's more info under the cut so take a look ^-^

EDIT : I remember who it was that i ordered the Lugia zukan off of : eeveelution i sent payment on Feb. 7th and never heard word that it was shipped so can you please let me know what's up as soon as you can? Thanks!

Pokee stuff i reeeeally need to get rid of! The BNIB figures are quite expensive in Canada -__- I really need to get them to good homes especially since i'm moving soon! Feel free to leave comments or email at bluetip13@hotmail.com and thanks for looking!

If interested, i also need to get rid of stuff on here x_X


Got these back in September and was a gift for someone but needless to say, it never got to them :/
DVD reference for size comparisons

Pokemon Cards

1xRalts, Kirlia, Roselia Sold!

Flareon card sold!!

Frontier Figures -- All BNIB!! About $7 each

Older Mint PokeKids! $2.30 each
Magnemite + Drowzee are a bit loved...they all need good homes! $1.15 each
Poliwhirl is a rolly-marble figure $2.00

D/P + Older Marbles BNIB!! Asking $8 since my last batch sold for that
Just so you know what they are since the pics suck because i used my old camera
1st Pack: Mudkip, Munchlax, Plusle, Jigglypuff, Spheal, Pikachu, Minun, Mystery Marble
2nd Pack: Pikachu, Dialga, Palkia, Starly, Lucario, Buizel, Chimchar, Mystery Marble

Aipom + Meowth Figures --Keeping Groudon since that's the reason i got the package XD Meowth Sold!
Aipom -- Asking $5

I've got a little Dratini sculpture bust waiting to be adopted to a loving home! Here's a preview of what he looks like :3

Mr. Dratini is about 3" high and 3" long. He's completely hand crafted with Super Sculpey, painted with acrylics and then sealed with permenant gloss coating. He will be shipped in a little box just like my last sculpture and padded down like a mofo to ensure his safe arrival.

I'll be leaving him up for grabs for about a week and starting him off at $18 just like the last one since it helps for materials, art supplies and the time and attention to make him!

Don't hesitate to comment or email with any questions at bluetip13@hotmail.com and thanks for looking and hopefully someone gives him a great home!

Some pics of the little guy!

Size comparison to my dock and iPod :

The Dragonite bust sculpture that was auctioned off last time! (before he was coated mind you xD)
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