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Small Mail update

I'll take better photos when my package from lineeabla comes in, but for now I wanted to post what came in the mail today and yesterday!

Shiny Pikachu hasbro figure. WOW these things really are sparkly. I love him. I got him from ebay. Suicune doll before he was fixed up, from warandromace. I LOVE THIS DOLL. You have no idea, just the opprotunity to own one of these is amazing to me ;; Thank you so much. And Raichu EX from psychmoonshadow part of our trade. Im so happy she got her items and liked them! And I am happy that I was her first transaction here ^-^ I love the card, and she also drew me a beautiful picture of a winged shiny umbreon. (thank you!)


And here's a better photo of the Suicune all fixed up. I believe this is the one from the pokemon center, though honestly since his tags have all been cut I'm not too sure. I cut him out new tails, and made a few diamonds for him. After debating on using faux fur, I decided I wanted him to look like the orginal (plus he is stuffed so full it was very hard to put a needle through him) I fabric glued a few diamonds on, and sewed the tails in place. I believe he went through the washer and lost but that is okay. Expect more photos of him when my BIG suicune package gets here from Lineeabla. ^___^ ((and he's ontop of my eeveelution binder which I love, I got that from heerosferret. Thanks again for making the special trip to get it)


And big thanks again to warandromance for letting me buy off the suicune doll at a very very discounted price. It means A LOT to me, and she even made me a little pin ;; I forgot to photograph it but you can expect to see it next update. Thank you so much you went way out of your way for me. I hope I did the doll some justice I'm happy with the outcome. I hope YOU are :3

ALSO I was wondering, I used to chain a lot on my diamond game (I have no time for it anymore) I have a few guys for trade? Is anyone interested? I know I have shiny absol, and smoochum. I have pikachu but it might not be for trade. The last two for sure are. Let me know. Legit and self-chained.
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