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TCG-related pictures and Luxray

Firstly, here's a question to my fellow card collectors: I have this set and I'm having trouble deciding if I should keep the cards in the original packaging, or add them to my card file with my other holos. I'm so indecisive. What would you do?

Alrighty. Now on to the good stuff. In my recent SMJ shipment I received a new card file and my first task was to fill it with my holos, promos, and cards of sentimental value. It's almost full and I didn't want to post pictures of the entire file, but I included the first few pages that are probably my favourites. :3

Mew came with the card file. :D

Some of my Jirachi cards, a Chimecho promo, and the Darkrai 10th Anniversary card. Skarmory starts
off the general holo collection. The rest of my e-reader holos, D/P holos, and [German] 1st
Edition Base One cards follow suit. I don't like collecting English cards. XD

There's one more subject I'd like to bring up. I have a Luxray plush that needs a home. I found him while searching for Arcanine back when the BIN prices were still surprisingly low. He's in excellent condition and comes with his tag. The only problem is that he has a defect of sorts.

The yellow ear piece on his right ear is missing. I received him in this condition, so I assume it's either a manufacturing defect or he came out of the machine like that. Anyway, I'm really hoping I can find someone interested in him. Otherwise, he'll likely end up on eBay. If you're interested, please get in touch with me.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Shiny/Clear kid auctions! They end Wednesday evening. ♥
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