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Huge Collection Post... :o

I've been waiting a while to do a new collection post! I was mostly waiting for my package from Gin. :3 I've been so excited all this week seeing everyone post their bell plushies. ;__;

I warn you...LOTS of photos and text under cut. I don't shut up easily when it comes to collecting my lovelies. XD

Let's start with my beloved bats! ♥___♥

A newcomer joined us on Saturday night, the new Jakk's plushie Zubat! He's a cutie, and has been named Alderon. Why yes, I am a geek. 8D Anyway, onto the photos!

Armstrong, the KFC beanie Zubat + Alderon, the Jakk's Pacific plushie

Leland, the custom made Crobat [by the awesome daynipp] + the Burger King Golbat plush!

Crobat, Attacking Crobat x2, Series 1 Zubat, Series 2 Golbat kids!

Golbat in case figure, Handmade Crobat keychain, Crobat marble, Zubat + Golbat (bootleg?) figures, and Golbat badge!

TCG cards...

Stickers, stamps, & misc. cards

I really am looking to get everything (or at least ALMOST everything) of the three bats. I know there isn't that much merchandise, and I like to pace myself and wait for good deals. XD
Others I'm looking for to add to my collection: Clear Golbat kid (and if clear or shiny versions exist of the others, those as well), Golbat hat !!!, Crobat Jakk's Pacific figure, Crobat Tomy figure, Golbat Tomy figure, Zubat watch, Zubat badge, Zubat & Brock figures, Misc. little figures and whatnot, various stickers, this notebook, many other misc. items I don't know about, and various TCG cards.

Now onto the Ele/kid/buzz collection!

Large Banpresto Elekid, Reversible Elekid, Electabuzz bell plush, & Elekid Friends plush ♥

Electabuzz BK keychain, Large Elekid Tomy figure, small Tomys of Elekid and Electabuzz, Elekid cake topper, & Elekid BK light up card

Series 1 + 2 kids

Badges / Pins & flippy coin

I believe I have almost everything I want for my collection to be complete. At least one plush of each is what I REALLY wanted, so the bell plushie was something I would of gave an arm for. XD
All I'm looking for to complete it is: an Electabuzz kid, the Zukan, an Elekid keychain, and various TCG cards.

Next is my Zigzagoon collection!

Kid, Zukan, and clear version of kid

Handmade keychain, Wap, flip card, and block! :3

TCG cards!

This is a collection I really do want to complete in full. I have no idea how I'll do that, as I have never seen the Zigzagoon plush for sale anywhere and I've been looking for about year (At first I was just searching blindly, hoping there was one. It wasn't until prguitarman got one that I finally saw a photo. XD)... I guess I'll just keep hoping!
Other things I'm looking for to complete it: Alternate Zigzagoon kid (and the clear version, if it exists), teeny tiny Zigzagoon, the Monster Collection figure, the plush, the Pokedex figure, the Tomy figure, the Mighty Bean, and various stickers and other flat items. :|

Those are my main collections, here's my "growing" and "mini" ones next. :3
Growing collections are those that I hope to expand once I find more items... Croagunk/Toxicroak, the lions, and Snover (not pictured, as I only have the PokeDoll!)

Croagunk // Toxicroak

Zukan, keychain, and block

Shinx // Luxio // Luxray

Luxray UFO catcher & kids [I WOULD of had Shinx, but the person never sent it to me... :(]

Other Pokemon I adore, but do not want huge collections of are Chatot, Ledyba, Zapdos (which I forgot to get photos of ><), & the 'Chu family.


Jakk's plushie, Jakk's figure, & leetle cell phone charm that I use on my DS. :3


Friend's plush, figure, & kid <33

Pika / Rai / Pi -chu

Many different Pika figures, mostly gifts or things I find extremely cute.


Other figures! The glowy ones are my favourites. :D

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