Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Drew, the cards you sent me came in! With perfect timing too, because I have the flu today and the cards really cheered me up :D


Ex cards are so amazing. I just wish the ones I really want weren't so expensive


At first I was like "WOW GARDY EX" but then I was like "...why is it signed?" realized these were World Champion promo cards XD

EDIT: OH I HAVE A QUESTION for all of you card collectors. How do you sort the cards in your binder? Do you have more than one binder for different rarities? I'm asking this because I'm thinking about sorting my binder so all of the rare cards will be up front, or possibly even getting a new binder to store a certain kind, but I'd like some ideas before I go through with it. Especially since I have over 300 cards that will need sorting @_@
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