Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

PokeKids for sale

First off, moonloop - I received the microphone! Thank you so much, and for the lovely card - I really do appreciate it! <3
Secondly, LJ has been acting a bit weird with emails. Who was it that had the rev. Shinx & Luxio?

Finally, Kids for sale! Kids & payment details under the cut.

I accept Paypal only outside the UK. I will accept postal/money orders and cash (at your own risk) within the UK.

Shipping -
UK - $2.00
Europe - $2.50
US & Canada - $3.00

I will accept trades, in this case for other PokeKids or other items (no cards/stickers) of characters I collect, or items in my wishlist. Feel free to ask!

All Kids pictured are $3 (Weavile, Budew & Bibarel are SOLD)

All Kids pictured are $2

All Kids pictured are $5 (Infernape is ON HOLD)

Any questions, just ask!
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