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Hey y'all. I'm in a very, very happy mood. Know why?

So Alma and I were working on a Flygon plushie. The fact that I'm half-assing it frustrates her, but before she could stab me with those fabric scissors, the doorbell rang. It was a mailman!

Immediately, Alma jumped onto the box. "Oh boy!" she cried. "A new friend?! A new friend?!" Not this time, Alma. But if I can get off my lazy tail and raise my bid limit, hopefully next time...

Anyway, first, she decided to open the envelope. HOW does she keep getting a pair scissors?!

We both squealed like Spoinks. YAY NINETALES~! Thanks a ton, lineaalba! ♥♥♥

Much to Alma's whining, I opened the SMJ box. She's scary with scissors, so I had no choice. But as soon as I folded back the flaps, she dived right in. "It so full!" She declared.

"Now it's not," Alma corrected once I had taken everything of value out of the box, leaving only her in the packing peanuts. Let's see what I got!

Holy hell, I bought a lot of stuff! The 'Pineapple Beach' bag really surprized me, so, naturally, I opened it first.

Figures! Of all kinds!

And this is only half of the lot. Celebi looks like a alien, and poor TOMY Charmander's tail flame got snapped off (wasn't like that in the auction's pictures), but oh well. However, the Lugia TOMY really surprised me. I didn't know what it was when I bought the lot, but either way, having it makes me happy! Now all I need is the Ho-Oh TOMY! ♥ Close-ups: [X][X][X][X]

The other half of the above lot: TOMYs! However, Raichu, who will be modified, and Espeon are the only ones I'm keeping.

OMGOMGOMG. ♥♥♥♥♥ My pretty babies~! Now all I need is the clear, non-tipped-tails one and I'll be all set! Sadly, a few days ago, there was an auction for that one on Y!J, but I didn't remember about it until after it ended. :<

More Kids! It seems that as my camera dies, it loses the ability to focus. So pair that with my constantly shaking hands and you get this. Milotic would've been a nice bonus to this lot, if I hadn't already gotten her from eBay months ago. But oh well.

Other half of the above lot. I seem to be ending up with a lot of TOMYs.

WHATISTHIS? I don't remember buying this! Unwrapped and the inside. Either way, now I can cosplay a Trainer, if I wanted. Except the batteries are dead. x|

Huge! And in packing that will annoy everyone in the area! But what is it? A lot of Japanese McDonald's Happy Meal toys! It came with, like, eight, but I only wanted three:

Here's one of the ones I snagged for myself: Suicune. Apparently, it's a launcher of some sort.

See? You stick the Pokémon into the Pokéball, flip down the visor thing, and you press a button on the side. The visor flips up and the Pokémon goes racing off! Suicune's mane moves up and down as it rolls.

The aforementioned three that I snagged. Side view. Entei's legs mvoe back and forth, and I think his spikes move, too, and Lugia flaps his wings. All three were mint condition and NIB, so I'm sure somewhere in the world, a die-hard collector is crying at this sin I have committed. xD

The next big lot, and the one that was sitting in storage the longest...

Half of the 10th Anniversary zukan! I've been too lazy and too busy buying other things to get the other half, but next time...

Another Entei zukan and probably the only Lugia zukan I will ever own. Entei took me twenty minutes to put together. I officially hate his spikes. 8|

Palkia's imitation of that marble statue of the armless lady.

Obligatory picture of the other three zukan.

And the final lot, and probably the biggest; The 7-11 Bottle Cap figures!

Lugia is my favorite. SO goregous~~! ♥♥

Dialga initially refused to be put together. Bastard.

The others. It felt kinda wrong tearing into the packages without regard, since I felt that I should preserve them. But I had torn them all to hell, so it was a lost cause.

THE RESULTS. Everything on the Pineapple Beach bag, plus the zukan and BC figures, is what I kept. Everything else, I shall sell!

The trash pile. It took me an hour, hour and a half to unpack, put together, and take pictures of everything. Good thing I decided to stay home from classes today.

In the end, I think Alma feel asleep in the box...


Be warned! Very picture heavy. But like I said, I'm selling half the stuff. But since it's so much and I'm tired of having to hunt for my last sales post so I don't have to recode everything, I just went ahead and made a selling journal!

So if you're interested in this round of SMJ goodies, check out Cinnabar Ruins!
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