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Small collection update + find!

Just posting some pictures of the new plush I've acquired!

Entei Pokedoll that I got from dionashi a few months ago. :3

Snorlax Pokedoll that blackfruitbat picked up for me (:

Banpresto Buizel :<  A gift from da boyfran,

OH! It's carnivine! He can't sit :c but I found him at nekocon!

The gang + creepin' hamtaro.
&&&&: Last night while Christmas shopping, I found this big fella abandoned outside.

The giannnnnnt Toy Factory Shinx with tags! He had slight stains, but luckily I got most of them out. Someone left him near a trash can (thank goodness he wasn't shoved in). Even with the stains, there was no way I could leave this behind! I just couldn't believe that it was just left there.
I was wondering how hard it would be to stuff this bad boy with fluff versus the foam. If anyone has done this let me know how easy it was. Thanks!
Tags: buizel, carnivine, entei, pokedolls, shinx, snorlax
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