Heidi (origamigryphon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello fellow poke-freaks! :3 I have some more pokemon shiz for your greedy eyes! Mwahaha!

I absolutely adore these things. The game is cute, though my husband seems to think it something like a dumbed-down chess. Suffice to say he doesn't like it, though I also get them for the mere collective-ness of it. Damn you, such collectible things! Wringing us for our every last dollar! >.>

Anywho, here's my mass of TFG.


Here are some of my rarer ones. I adore skarmory. <3


Couple of secrets and commons.


Finally, all of my repeats. The regular colored Eevee and one of the Marril have broken off of their bases; I noticed the glue on these things is very weak. I hope they fix it.

Also, do you guys want to know a secret? I used to go by 'the luck of the draw' with the secret figures, but I learned something--If you squeeze the bottom part of the blue blister bubble of the package, it makes an opening between it and the card, allowing you to see the name of whatever figure is hidden inside before buying it! I know I'm a cheater, but I don't want to get another bloody sentret again. :/

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