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Mail Received and Sent!

In the past two days I've received many packages from you guys! :3

Cute package from chibisilverwing! <33

Cards I bought from prguitarman 8D

Top & bottom row are cards for myself, and middle row are for my friend, kanackering. ♥

Freebies! Thank you SO much for the extras! I love them all. :DD

I bought an Electabuzz card from you, but I didn't get it, unless you thought it was the one in the second photo? Either way, don't worry about it, just letting you know in case you sent it to someone else and they were wondering why. xD

Cards from chibisilverwing! <33

Cards I've wanted for a very long time, love them all!
And! I LOVE the freebies you included, thank you so much for the bat stickers. They will be treasured forever. ;___;

aaaaand cards from kanackering! ^_^

Froggies & puppies, awww!

Lovely bats, electric plugs, a dinosaur and rattie. ♥♥♥

I loved them and was extremely surprised by them all, thank you, you're such a sweetie! ^__^

warandromance, lazer, quizr // I sent my half of the TCG card trades on Tuesday, so let me know when you've received them! 8D

To those who have commissioned a crocheted case and already paid, they should all be done and sent off to you tomorrow! (and I'll post photos!) ^_^
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