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I am a writer of fictions

Whoa promos!

When I say that I have way too many cards, I mean it. I could have sworn that I had gotten rid of over 2000 cards less than a year ago, and I'm back up to this again!


Meet my Box. He probably weighs about 15 pounds. These are all of my commons and uncommons, along with various trainers and basic energies.

I need to sell some of these. I'm going to do them in lots of 100, with no duplicate cards at all. Cards can be from any set, but will mostly be from Holon Phantoms and on, since I'm a TCG player and try and stay within the format with my collection. 15.00 shipped will be what I'm asking for a lot of 100. I imagine these aren't gonna be the cheapest to ship, so 5.00 seems about right.

And now, here are the promos for sale!


Mewtwo promo-3.00
Mew promo-2.00 Each
Dragonair-1.00 each


Rocket eevee-1.00 each
Shiny Eevee promo-4.00 each
Eevee jungle-50 cents each


Psyduck promo-2.00 each
Pika Promo-2.00
W stamped Vulpix promos-2.00 each


Movie promos-all 2.00 each!

Shipping will be 2.00 to the US on the singles, and 3.00 to the rest of the world!

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