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Techno's eBay Highlights of the day!

So, I'm in a bad mood. Bad moods, for me, often lead to retail therapy.... except I'm in debt... so I'll take it out on you guys instead! LOOK AT ALL THIS COOL STUFF I WISH I COULD BUY!

1. 1999 Banpresto Articuno and Moltres! These don't show up on eBay a lot! And they're pretty cheap, too.

2. 9" poseable Bayleef plush? I've never seen this one before! No idea about the maker or year, but the packaging looks Japanese (to me).

3. Mew bowling pin. Uh. What? Look at his little stitched-in hands and tail! 8) From the Tokyo PokeCenter circa 2004.

4. Really freakin' awesome Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai pillow. I wish I could bid on this. It looks so comfy and has such cool designs!!

5. Possibly the cutest Piplup piggy-back-ride backpack EVER. I don't even like Piplup, and I can admit this. OH MY GOD IT IS SO ADORABLE. *dies*

6. A vibrating Pikachu. Oh, Japan.

7. Of course, there's the ever lusted-after $60 chibi Dragonite...

8. HAPPY BULBASAUR WITH A LITTLE BEAN PLANT. HAPPY BULBASAUR WITH A LITTLE BEAN PLANT!!!! AAAA. I might have to overdraw my bank account and buy this guy. Oh my god. THE CUTE.

9. Pikachu with a fruit! I want to hang him in my car. ;-; From the same series as the Bulbasaur above, which are from a UFO catcher, and made by Banpresto. Are there more???

10. A sort of tardy looking Blastoise backpack. I am a sucker for backpacks. He looks soft! Also pretty darn rare, I've never seen this guy before. No idea what maker or year...

11. 21" GENGAR. AAAAHHH!!!

12. Banpresto '97 Oddish plush. I wish I could afford him. I love this Oddish and he doesn't turn up very often on the US market!

13. 10" Banpresto UFO Mareep, woah! Looks so.... sheepy! *grabby hands*

14. A 12" Charmander that actually doesn't look completely retarded for once. :D

15. A mostly unimpressive lot that contains two sorta-noteable Applause releases-- Vulpix and Charmeleon

16. the most adorable Lapras ever. <3


(just as a note none of these auctions are mine, I am not pimping myself out, these are all things that are just cool finds and deserve to go to collectors who will take care of them)
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