obakehoshi (obakehoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Notes to Others, and Question

I wanted to let candycafe, dunsparce, missmoonsault, and warandromance all know that I got your cards yesterday and today! I was quite thrilled to go to the mailbox and find so many packages/letters. Thank you guys so much! I also really loved the Beautifly evo line, Deoxys, and Gyarados freebie stickers. :D

HELP: Does anyone happen to have or know of a place with a Japanese Team Rocket Returns Scyther for sale/trade? I haven't even seen a picture of this card, but I know it must exist SOMEWHERE. Alternatively, does anyone know where I can maybe buy a booster pack and/or box of these cards? I'd also like to snag an English TRR booster pack that has Scyther's picture on the front.

-derranged, you haven't sent me your address yet for our card trade. I sent you an email a few days ago with mine, but I haven't heard from you yet. I don't want to order the cards for you until I get your addy. ^^;
-amenislytherin and fernchu, you both said you had some Japanese Gym cards you'd be willing to trade or sell but I haven't heard back from you. The original post is here. If you don't want to trade/sell anymore, just let me know. :3
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