majoradrakken (majoradrakken) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update~ sale update~

woot! we gots new toys~ we went to toysrus yesterday, and they have such a wonderful selection in pokemon stuff, it isn't even funny! The only thing they DIDN'T have was the new jakk's plushies (the little ones). THEY HAD TALKING CROAGUNK!!!!! T_T They even had the deluxe Palkia figure D: I wanted it so ooo bad. And toysrus is the only place I've seen groundbreakers TFG starter deck (deck?) But all the figures were horibally broken. )=

My boyfriend had to add his figures in there >>;
But this is our collection thus far. LUGIA AND RAICHU TFG FIGURES <3

and a close up of the figures:

Love the piplup XD he spins so carefree~
Walmart had the Great Encounters packs, so I grabbed 4 of them. no level x's though )=
But the card art is so pretty! I think this is one of my favorite sets

And I have added a whole bunch of cards to my sales post~:
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