→ just say yes ☆ (tortoises) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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After some card trades

I'm looking to trade for the following cards:

Blissey MT x1
Rare Candy xX
Double Rainbow Energy xX
Felicity's Drawing x2
Any good/playable Trainers (Celio's Network etc)
Darkrai Lv. X x2
Cresselia Lv. X x2
Magmortar SW x3
Magmortar Lv. X x2
Pachirisu GE x3
Any Ampharos (low want)
Basic Dark & Metal Energies (low want)

I have a list up here of stuff I have - it lists all my rares/holos/trainers from recent sets, you can ask about other cards or for pics. I'm also willing to sell stuff I have, if anyone's interested (I've updated the list from a couple of days ago, opened half a box of Great Encounters yesterday).

Sorry about spamming the comm so soon after my last post. ^^;;

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