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My Whole Collection

Yesterday I bought lots of those kids that they packed together and today I found my old pokémon figures. I organized them all and when I was done I thought it was time to take a picture of my whole collection. This time taken with my dads camera, so the pictures are a much better quality.

So this is my whole collection, until I finally decide which pokémon I want to collect.

I have two mews because someone bought me a double for my birthday when I was younger, and the poor Tomy Pikachu has a nasty mark on his face.

Close-up of the Zukans I bought yesterday.

My tomy figures and Kids. Too bad that my kids are the version where they didn't color Dialga's, Electivire's and Raichu's tails.

Other kids. Bidoof and Pachirisu are camera shy xD.

My cards, games, coloring book and wallet (that's too small). And as a bonus: a part of my desk!
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