Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cards for sale/trade

I went sorting through my cards yesterday. I came across loads of old Gym cards, JP Neo cards, Base, Fossil, Jungle, TR, etc. Just wondering, are there any people out there interested in those cards? If you are, let me know what you're after. Most of them were common/uncommon. I had a ton of rares too, but not so many holos.
I was actually trying to find cards for kanackering (Still no luck! ....I found that Drowzee you were after w/ the Zubat in it, but I had no swap & it was Japanese... And I remember you eventually found it anyway XD) & fernchu (I'll let you know what cards I have for trade from that list you gave me soon!).

Anyway, onto the main point.

I sorted through my DP swaps and decided to try my luck here selling them. I'm also up for trades!
I'm really only interested in Pokes I collect, and some older Gym cards / JP Neo cards. I like promos too :x

So, under the cut the following series - 1st Ed. Shining Darkness (JP), MT, SW & DP

All commons - $0.50 each (3 for $1.00)

All uncommons - $1.00 each (3 for $2.50)

Holos - $4 each
Rares - £1.50 each(Furret, Xatu & Minun)

Palkia is $6, Staraptor $4.50

Cascoon, Machop & Dustox are $1.50 each.
All others are $3 each.

$2 each

$0.50 each, bottom 3 are $1, holo Skull Fossil is $2.

Uncommons are $0.50 each. Commons are $0.20 each, or 3 for $0.50.

$2.50 each

NOT SHOWN is a mint holo Honchkrow. $5

If you bought kids from me, I can combine shipping with them too. Some kids still for sale over here!
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