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Mini Photostory, Received Plush and Request

So last weekend, I had to travel down to Tampa, Fl in search of an apartment with the boyfriend. I was flying down there alone and since I hate to fly alone I brought along a traveling companion.


Why her? That I’m not really sure of, she just seems like the type to want to get out and about. :3

So we begin our little adventure at 5 in the morning in Ohio at the airport (Sorry about the quality of these photos. I was only there for three days and my regular camera is too bulky to bring as I only took a carry-on bag.)
Glaceon: I’m an Ice type and even this weather is too much for me! Let’s get out of here!

Bye, bye Ohio and its horrid weather.

Pretzels and Apple juice…what a delicious breakfast.

Glaceon: Uh, yeah...you can have your gross juice, these pretzels are mine!

In the hotel room in Tampa

Looks like someone has a little jetlag. (The polar bear is another traveling buddy of mine that I always take with me whenever I fly anywhere)

Glaceon: Now that I’m all rested up, let’s see what there is to do in this place.
Sorry, Glaceon no time for any of that. All we’re down here to do is look at apartments.

Going back home to Ohio

Glaceon: What!?! We’re leaving already? I didn’t even get to go to the beach!
You’re an Ice type, why would you want to go to the beach?
Glaceon: The brochure said I had to…

Say bye to Tampa, but don’t worry we’ll be back in April.

An hour into the flight…

Glaceon: How about booking first class next time? I’m getting cramped back here.

Waiting for our connecting flight from Charlotte to Ohio.

How about sharing one of those ear buds?
Glaceon: La la la, can’t hear you…

We’re boarding, time to go back into the Backpack.
Glaceon: I loathe the Backpack. >_<

The Flight back to Ohio, where it just goes to show you just how many people really want to come to this state. The majority of the plane was so empty that…

Glaceon got her own seat. (Kind of…)

Glaceon: Didn’t I tell you I wanted first class? And why does he get to be closer to the window?

Finally home.

So Glaceon, how did you like the trip?
Glaceon: It was exhausting…snore….

When I did get back I was greeted to a certain plush something I’ve been wanting for almost a year now.
I remember this Lapras/Marill plush being on eBay all the time last summer and I just kept letting it go since it would always pop back up. After like the third time of letting it go it never showed up. :/ I could of just kicked myself for it really. (I even did that with the Marill plush backpack which had a BIN price and now I have no clue when that backpack will show up again. :P)

Thank you warandromance It’s even cuter in person. :D

And to wrap this up, (Sorry about it being so long ^^;) Would anyone happen to have an extra Marill Kid figure that I could purchase from them? It doesn’t even have to be in the best condition. I ask because I finally found the perfect green paint to make my jumbo Tomy Marill figure into a shiny version and I figured why not make a shiny kid figure while I’m at it too. :) I’d even trade for one since I have a few kid figures and Zukans that I’m planning on getting rid of in the coming future. (This way I’ll have less to move when I leave in April)
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