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Sales/Trade Post

Okay, I have so much stuff that I pretty much have to split it up into 2 posts or I expect I'd just horribly confuse myself.
I took a look at my collection the other day, and realized I just have too many cards from some sets and not enough from others:

First, rules:
1.) I DO NOT accept paypal. I don't have an account. Money order or trade only. (Or concealed cash at YOUR risk.)
2.) You don't like my prices? Got something you think I might want as a trade? Make me an offer! I'll probably take it.
3.) If you want to trade, I have no problem shipping first and then you can ship your half after you receive the item, if that makes you more comfortable.
4.) If you want to BUY, I must receive payment before shipping. The reason for this is I'll be using the money to pay for shipping.
5.) Please leave feedback for me over in the feedback thread after we complete our transaction. :)

Cards are from base set all the way up to the first e-set. The lots will contain AT LEAST as many cards as I specify, usually with a few more just to be certain, and I usually include some extras and stuff with my things. Prices include shipping WITHIN the USA. If you're outside of north america, add $4 to cover shipping. I realize that seems like a lot, but it cost me $10 the last time I had to ship something to Australia. @_@ You will not get the exact lot pictured, but something similar. :)

Edit: SEE THIS ENTRY For new deal on cards!

Non Card Items:
I'd prefer to TRADE these for items of Pokemon I collect/like, but if you really want them, make a fair offer and we'll work something out.

Charizard plush

BK thingies. There's a Mewtwo, Polywhirl, and 2 Togepi.

Gengar keychain. The pokeball opens and closes.

Muk or Grimer, one of the two. Muk I think. Keychain.

Mantyke cel phone strap. I managed to get 3 of these in a row at the stupid egg-machine at the supermarket. I like Mantyke, but I only need 1. Gave one away as a freebie with an order, now only one lonesome Mantyke remains.

Pokemon I collect: Lugia, Lucario, Mew, Mewtwo, Zangoose, Pikachu family, Latios & Latias.

Stuff I'd probably take but don't really want to collect: Plusle & Minun, Eveelutions, Legendary Dogs - actually, any of the 'dog' pokemon (Poochyena + evos, Houndour + evos, Growlithe + evos, Smeargle, etc.)

CCG Info: I am really looking for someone who'd be willing to trade a big pile of unique commons from the early sets for a big pile of unique commons from aquapolis to holon phantoms. I stopped collecting for a while and I have NOTHING from skyridge, magma vs. aqua, and a pitiful amount of stuff from the other sets in there. While I can still get Holon Phantoms onward in stores, the other stuff has pretty much disappeared so I'm looking to try and complete my sets from the middle period there.

I'm NOT really looking for anything from Diamond/Pearl onward at this particular moment. I will have a post up for individual cards instead of large lots like this in a few days after I move all of this stuff.

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