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I haven't assembled my collections for a while, but I was bored and decided it was time to take some pictures. My Jynx, Chimecho, and gargantuan Jirachi collection are included! :3

My small but growing Jynx collection. I have more items on the way. :3

Chimecho is amazing! Unfortunately, I'm still in need of the zukan and the clear kid
figure. If you ever have one for sale, please get in touch! ;D

My Jirachi plush mountain. I have more coming, believe it or not.

Miscellaneous flat/paper items.

Keychains, charms, and other goodies.

Cards, pins, and stickers.

Figures and large items! I'm quite fond of the Pokémon Center cup. :3
Two items missing are the zukan [both the regular set and
the 10th Anniversary set]. I have them, but they're still in their
packaging and couldn't be bothered to open them at the moment.

Close-ups part one.

Close-ups part two.

And that's all for now! If you haven't checked them out, the shiny/clear kids auctions end on Wednesday evening. :D I'll also be posting the auction for the [unique!] Luxray plushie sometime tomorrow.
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