pegasus2010 (pegasus2010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mysterious item check and a won grail update

 Happy holidays, guys! First, I need a help to check if the following figure is legal or not:

A CLEAR Articuno tomy figure? I didn't even know there was one existing. All the information I got from the seller was "© Nintendo" -  "CGTSJ" - "Tomy" - "Made in China". There is no release year there. So I'm wondering if this is legit or not. Also, is this one of the old gen 1 tomy figures or old MC articuno? How do you guys tell old tomy figures from MC figures? More, does a Clear Moltres even exist? I really need your help. ><

Also, check out this.

A shiny Entei MC+ figure I won! WOW! It popped up on Rakuten recently and I won it at ¥1,500, which is not too much expensive from my knowledge. Though I need to pay for those intern shipping/handling/commission... :<. Overall, I was really happy that I made it happen.
Tags: articuno, entei
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