baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

mew plushie info requested?

I remembered this doll the other day when people were talking about the most valuable parts of their collections. I don't think it's valuable, but I don't even know the origins! I thought maybe someone here would.

I've had this plush since before the first Pokemon movie hit theaters. Somehow I've kept it spotless that whole time! She doesn't have her original tags, but her Tomy foot tag is still on, and I remember the big tag was in Japanese, she also has a plastic hook for hanging at the top of her head. I got her from EB Games.

Anyway, pictures are worth a thousand words:

With less glare:

Mew butt:

Anybody know about this one?

I see a similar plush on Ebay but I have to be biased and say mine is considerably less fugly.
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