Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hay guys! long time no post!

here are some photos id like to share of some of my new plushies i've gotten since arriving in america. they are very excited to meet their friends back in japan next week!

my pidgeotto plushies! the giant one is INCREDIBLY rare, the smaller one is very expensive, but possible to get on ebay now and then... they are excited to meet their little sister, pidgeotto bell plush! i THINK i have all the pidgeotto plushies with this... but i only just started looking at pidgeotto plushies. anybody know of any others?

oh and the robin was a present.... just... leave him alone and give him a moment in the spotlight, okay? ;-;

LUXRAY!!! i welcome these two adorable fuzzies into my luxray posse! small fuzzy luxray is a rare dead on hit with setsunakou (its always a risk with her, but this luxray is perfect and so cute!!). the bigger one is by lonepichu and i am SO glad i comissioned her, luxray is AMAZING and sits so cute! i love how their muzzles are opposite... big luxie's muzzle is so looooong, and fuzzy luxie has a round little snout!!!

won't they be surprised to find how many other luxrays await them....
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