Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,


So yeah.... Remember those 3 packs, with the 2 x Crystal Guardians & 1 x FR/LG packs? I decided to try my luck with 'em.

........And apparently should try more often. I absolutely love Blastoise, being my first starter and all, so this was the only card better than Charizard Ex for me out of the whole set. Rev. Meowth was a bonus. The Crystal Guardians weren't too bad either for a change!
But then it made me realise - I wanna collect Squirtle & co cards. Only one for each artwork and all. If anyone has any for sale, let me know. Here's what I have so far -

Squirtle - Base, Team Rocket, E-Expedition x 2, Crystal Guardians, Secret Wonders
Wartortle - Base (W promo), Team Rocket, E-Expedition, Crystal Guardians
Blastoise - Base, Team Rocket, E-Expedition, Secret Wonders, FR/LG Ex
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